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Emerald City comicon and cartoons

Mar. 1st, 2011 | 03:27 pm

Hello all,

I will be walking around the Emerald City Comicon and not shilling a darn thing for the first time in years.  To busy making a movie to do anything for the con other then enjoy it.

Email me if you want to say hi.

I gave an interview a little while back, that was ok, and has lots of director-y photos of me:


There are a few never seen before shots from "The Clockwork Girl" feature I'm directing.

Also here's another interview with me, this one audio, where I stick my foot in my mouth many times:


Lots of fun talking with the Battleship Pretension guys about cartoons.

Good guys, good cartoons.  Yay art!

Here's a sort of concept piece I did for the movie of the mad scientists in their younger, happier days:


Ok, can't upload it because Livejournal doesn't allow that.  Might be time for blogger or wordpress.  I like easy.

be seeing you,


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My big news (or what I've been doing)

Jul. 11th, 2010 | 11:43 pm

My big news (or what I've been doing):


Holy moley, and if II can take time off a minute from shooting, I will be here as well:

This year’s San Diego Comic Con:

The Clockwork Girl - Thursday 11:00-12:00 Room 9 Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) and Sean Covel and Doc Wyatt (Napoleon Dynamite) talk about the feature film and show an exclusive featurette for The Clockwork Girl. Twisting Genres -

I also designed this back in January:


Seriously?  yep, seriously. 

Go, frogchildren, go!

So, thoughts on what to do next?

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Just because I feel like wasting time

Sep. 27th, 2009 | 10:57 pm

Put together stupid collages to recreate part of the casts of some of my favorite movies.  Seriously , these are really great movies.

No cheating (otherwise what's the point?)

Name the movie




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Aug. 31st, 2009 | 11:20 pm

Hey, I updated my company site and I think it's pretty rad:


I mean look at this! Original character design by me, much better redesign from my buddy and drawing sensei, Jeff Matsuda, and modeled and textured in 3d here by my main art guy, Joshua Redmond

And the studio is now in Pioneer Square.  It's going to take some time and work to make this space ours, but it's getting there.

and I want to post the stuff I just drew but I can't.  Man.  That part of having projects sucks, but it beats the alternative.

also updated my personal site.  Not a ton new, but more current.  Click on the games I art directed below to check it out.  Also there is a gross character up there so you've been warned.  It's not all princesses and cartoons. 

here's to adventure.

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The Clockwork Girl Trailer is live!!!

Aug. 5th, 2009 | 11:11 am

Well, today is the day. 

The Clockwork Girl Animated trailer  that I directed goes live. 


Yikes.  Feedback welcome. No, strike that.  I can't change anything now, the deed is done. 

Say nice things.

  Overall I'm happy with the feeling of the trailer, although I would love another month to tweak, tweak, tweak.

I'm sorry I haven't updated everyone who's been so supportive about the Trailer's Unveiling at San Diego Comicon.  Everything has been more crazy then it's ever been, hope this post is of some satisfaction.

For those Unaware, Barnaby Ward and myself trekked down to San Diego Comicon and unveiled the Clockwork Girl Trailer (that I directed, he art directed) with my co-creator of The Clockwork Girl, producer and publisher, Sean O'Reilly.

This is from the room that we presented in, we were in good company.  We had already talked to Jeff Smith before (thanks Jeff!), so the second he was done, we rushed the stage, (hopefully didn't frighten him too much) and tried to get our stuff on screen to keep some of his crowd. 

I'm not sure we kept the Bone crowd, but we did have a lot of fans of the book and old friends show up.  We reminisced about the comic books creation, talked about the behind the scenes of the trailer, and finally showed the trailer on the big screen.  It was great, the lights dimmed and I looked out to the audience to gaped mouth children, and smiling parents.  They laughed when they were supposed to, they gasped when they were supposed it, it was a great feeling.  I'll never forget it. As far as the movie production, the unveiling at San Diego Comicon, is was more of a pit stop then a finish line.  A very fun pit stop.

I did get to call out Karen Krajenbrink, who showed up just in time to point her out two the crowd as oneof the artists fromt he book.  I think I made her blush.  Sorry Karen, but it was kind of awesome.  As is here sketchbook, check it out. 

Did anyone happen to get a photo of the presentation?  I was too busy doing it to take any photos.  Same mostly goes for the con, but I did snag a few here and there. Send me photos!

That was only Thursday, we still had 3 more days of Comicon to do.

This is what you do at Comicon, now you know:

We had a signing a the Arcana Booth most of Friday afternoon and met lots of great people, Barnaby signed a lot of books art the Image booth.  Lots of great guys there put up with my lurking, especially champions of the artform Joe Keating,and DJ Kirkbride.

One of my favorite moments was when I realized our show floor cross talking had grown to a some of my favorite artists all in one group, and, I actually got a photo:

from right to left is me kevin hanna (http://www.frogchildren.com/Samples.htm), Angie Wang (http://www.okchickadee.com/) Fábio Moon (http://fabioandgabriel.blogspot.com/ and if this was Gabriel, then I apologize and feel stupid), Barnaby Ward (www.somefield.com), and Ben Caldwell (http://daredetectives.com/)

At night I got to hang out with many of the people I've only talked to via email before, including a lot of our G.O.O.D. Music collaborators like Ming Doyle, ("is that Ming?", "I think that's Ming" "go say hi," "check on your iphone first!"," the photos too small!", "Just go say hi!") ,Sheldon Vella,  and all sorts of other cool kids.

Justin "Moritat" Norman, took care of us as though we were foreign dignitaries, introduced us around (to James Jean, Robert Kirkman, Jeff Soto...) and bought us food.  Ether we have blackmail photos fo him or he's a really cool guy on top of being a cool artist. His oft colaberator and saint of comic lettering Richard Starkings, loaded us up with their fantastic Elephantmen graphic novels.  I had more then enough to read on the plane.  I should have shared with Barnaby.  I didn't.

Our other patren saint was Aron Lusen, who went to Jeff Matsuda's house twice to find the Clockwork Girl promo cards and business cards I shipped there a day too late for Jeff to bring down.  Aron, I thank you, Jeff I thank, yes, I know I owe you both. 

Gah, too many cool people to name. Aimee Major Steinberger, like her comics, is always a pleasure, Jose Lopez's new book is fantastic, Derek Kirk Kim never fails, Gabriel Bautista's comics are nuts (hehe).   Andre Szymanowicz, I read your comic man! Good stuff!  Congrats on the Eisner!

Comics.  yeah.  Comic people are good people.

I was lucky enough to bump into Shane Acker, the Director of the upcoming "9" which is being produced by Tim Burton.  He was great, and when I told him what we're doing, wanted to see the trailer. He said it was beautiful and wanted to see the full movie.  I'll try not to let you down Mr. Acker.

So what's next on the movie?

Studios, independent financiers, distributors, this, like all movie making, is a house of cards.  Meetings with great people are being had and and things are lining up one by one. I'm going to keep making this movie until someone tells me to stop. 

As a studio, Frogchildren has been cranking away on a bunch of other cool cartoons, comics and videogames that unfortunately I can show yet, but are our best work to date.

I will soon post more stuff to look at, and hopefully, it will stop, take a breath and sigh.   We're making art and can't wait to show it to you.

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Clockwork Girl (and Kevin) at Comicon!

Jul. 11th, 2009 | 03:40 pm

anyone who's going to be at San Diego Comicon should come! I will buy you tea afterward!

Sorry to be repetitive, but you should tell a friend and come and be the first people in the universe to see the Clockwork Girl movie trailer!

Thursday, July 23, 6:30-7:30, Room 7AB 


This is NOT a still from the movie, although it does star this guy:

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San Diego Comicon

Jul. 3rd, 2009 | 05:41 pm

Here's what I hinted at in my last entry:

San Diego Comicon:

Clockwork Girl
Thursday, JULY 23

"6:30–7:30 The Clockwork Girl: From Concept to Comic and Beyond.  Sean O'Reilly, Kade, and Kevin Hanna, 16 Miles to Merricks, released The Clockwork Girl back in 2007 and the comic book series has gone on to be collected as a hardcover winning two awards, The Moonbeam Award for Top Children's Graphic Novel and Foreward Magazine's Top Graphic Novel of the Year and has received funding for feature film development.  Sean and Kevin will discuss how they came up with the concept, the risks and rewards of self-publishing, and will

showcase a teaser of The Clockwork Girl animated film.  

Join them for an intimate interview and Q&A session! Room 7AB"

Be there!


I don't want to present to an empty room!

(edit)  I forgot to mention that Barnaby Ward (The actual author/artist of "Sixteen Miles to Merricks" and the above image) will be on the panel too!  Why? What does he have to do with "The Clockwork Girl"? Why do I tease you so! Come and find out!

If you don't leave the panel crying for joy then there is nothing left in life for you!

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Jul. 2nd, 2009 | 01:23 pm


      For some reason, it always intrigues me that many corporate pop culture mascots have full names and back stories. Did you know the Grimace is actually supposed to be a anthropomorphic Milkshake?

      Something about these characters having full names makes me think there is more going on then  their  cardboard  smiles let on.

      I’d like to someday do a story about Captain Horatio Crunch at the end of his life and his nurse, Barbara Millicent Roberts, and how she’s closer to him then his bitter granddaughter Wendy Thomas.

      Or something.  I used to keep notebooks of these ideas and actually get around to making comic strips out of them, but it’s been awhile.  Food for thought for later.  Comics are coming.

       Hey, are you going to San Diego Comicon this year?  I am and will be unveiling something big and awesome.  The biggest and best thing I have ever been involved with.  Please come and see! Details to follow!  Seriously! Plan on going or you will miss it!

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Radio + Comics < TV?

May. 27th, 2009 | 09:41 pm

If you know me, then it's likely you know I'm a fan/apologist of Radio shows like Radio Lab and This American Life.

There is a great new episode of Radio Lab that just came out where Ira Glass, Robert Krulwich, and Jad Abumrad debate the advantages and disadvantages of Radio over TV:

And a picture of the event just to show how punk rock these turks of audio are.

I've always felt that radio is a sideways cousin of comics and this discussion reinforce that fact to me, rifting on the points they raised:

Unlike TV or Film, Comics and Radio programs are more likely to be a solitary experience.

Both are fringe rather then mass market so often the subject matters can be much more intimate. Smaller then life stories just for you.

Where with TV you stare at the subject matter. STARE. You focus on what is in front of you, as apposed to the great gaps that require imagination by only using one sense in Radio and Comics. Both want you to meander, "look" around and paint in the gaps.

Take a breath.

Time to draw.

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At baseball practice

May. 16th, 2009 | 01:16 pm
location: US, Washington, Snohomish, Lynnwood, 181st Pl SW, 6125

I'm testing out journaling-on-the-go. My son is playing a baseball game and looks bored. Ten year olds just want to bat and run.

Other then that, did you see the news about our project with Kanye West, Malik Yusef, and GOOD music? Www.Frogchildren.com for the details.

More news to follow!

Posted via LiveJournal.app.


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